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NEWLY REPORTED COVID-19 CASES IN LAST 24 HOURS (6.22.2021, 12:50pm CEST, WHO):   India 53,256    Brazil 44,178    France 1,815    Turkey 5,091    Russia 17,378    The United Kingdom 9,072    Argentina 10,395    Columbia 27,818    Iran 10,485    Mexico 1,578    Peru 2,896    Indonesia 14,536    South Africa 13,155    Chile 5,205    Philippines 5,249    Iraq 5,235    Bangladesh 4,636    Japan 1,011    Malaysia 4,611    Nepal 1,584    United Arab Emirates 1,964    Saudi Arabia 1,212    Bolivia 1,086    Paraguay 1,145    Tunisia 2,478    Uruguay 1,488    Kuwait 1,935    Venezuela 1,327    Oman 2,529    Thailand 3,175    Cuba 1,561    Zambia 2,060    Afghanistan 1,847    Mongolia 2,268    Namibia 1,403    Uganda 1,367    China 103    Singapore 16    New Zealand 0    Australia 25    South Korea 395   

China to roll out third COVID-19 vaccine

Christian Fernsby |
China will roll out its third COVID-19 vaccine on Wednesday after it was approved for emergency use.

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“An inactivated COVID-19 vaccine… is recommended for use on adults 18 years and older in a two-dose schedule with a spacing of two to four weeks,” local news outlet People’s Daily reported.

China’s other two vaccines - Sinopharm and Sinovac - have already been approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) and are in use across the globe.

The country has 20 vaccine candidates currently undergoing clinical trials. China has supplied its vaccines to at least 66 countries and international organizations.

Earlier, a Chinese health official had asked the WHO to exempt new vaccine candidates from human trials for emergency use.

Besides, Chen Wei, a Chinese military infectious disease expert, last week said her team is “applying for emergency use of a kind of COVID-19 vaccine that can be administered through inhalation.” Chen works with Chinese vaccine producer CanSino.

According to the country’s National Health Commission (NHC), China administered 808.96 million doses of its COVID-19 vaccines until Tuesday. China has reported 91,316 confirmed cases of COVID-19, including 4,636 deaths since the outbreak of this deadly infection in December 2019.

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