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NEWLY REPORTED COVID-19 CASES IN LAST 24 HOURS (10.15.2021, 4:32pm CEST, WHO):   U.S. 97,320    India 16,862    Brazil 7,852    United Kingdom 44,556    Russia 32,196    Turkey 30,709    France 4,877    Iran 11,964    Argentina 1,314    Columbia 1,256    Italy 2,666    Germany 11,518    Mexico 6,320    Poland 2,770    Philippines 7,835    Ukraine 13,624    Malaysia 8,084    Netherlands 3,662    Iraq 2,383    Thailand 10,486    Czechia 1,535    Canada 2,659    Chile 1,191    Romania 15,828    Israel 1,325    Pakistan 1,016    Serbia 6,786    Kazakhstan 2,096    Cuba 2,364    Vietnam 4,151    Hungary 1,249    Austria 2,210    Greece 2,572    Georgia 3,270    Belarus 2,052    Costa Rica 1,170    Bulgaria 3,183    Azerbaijan 1,448    Slovakia 1,952    Croatia 1,758    Ireland 1,626    Venezuela 1,441    Lithuania 2,867    South Korea 1,684    Mongolia 2,076    Moldova 1,666    Slovenia 1,081    Armenia 1,765    Latvia 2,142    Estonia 1,275    China 19    Singapore 2,932    New Zealand 66    Australia 2,752   

Romania reports over 1,000 daily cases of coronavirus for 4th straight day

Christian Fernsby |
An outbreak of 119 coronavirus infections was detected at a wagon factory in Drobeta Turnu Severin, southwestern Romania, as the country reported 1,284 new infections on Saturday, the fourth straight day with daily cases over 1,000.

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The factory was closed last Friday after the first five cases were confirmed, but 119 cases have been registered so far, including 57 registered in the last day, according to the Public Health Directorate of Mehedinti County, whose capital city is Drobeta Turnu Severin.

The local health authorities have ordered home quarantine for all employees, whose test results have not yet come out, together with their families. Home quarantine was also ordered for all contacts of the positive cases.

According to local media, the factory is a foreign-invested company with nearly 500 employees.

The epidemic is getting worse in Romania with daily cases over 1,000 for four consecutive days since it topped the mark on Wednesday.

Latest statistics showed that 15 deaths were recorded in the last 24 hours, pushing the total to 2,165. As of Saturday, the country with a population of some 19 million has registered 43,678 COVID-19 cases, of whom 25,373 people have recovered.

As many as 22,511 tests were conducted in the past day, bringing the total number of tests to over 1 million so far in the country.

Currently, 6,292 people are hospitalized with COVID-19, with 315 patients in intensive care units, according to the Strategic Communication Group, the country's official COVID-19 communication task force.

Recent official data showed that the number of critically ill patients is continuing to increase, breaking the 300 mark on Friday.

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