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Cow sold at world record price in auction

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A world-record price has been paid for a young cow, not yet two years old, at a cattle auction in the northern England border town of Carlisle.

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A 1,000-strong crowd, watching the auction, gasped in astonishment as a bidding war was played out before them. In the ring was a young heifer belonging to a breeder from just across the nearby Scottish border.

The auctioneer’s hammer crashed through the 100,000 Guineas mark, eventually at 131,250 pounds, with the cow sold to a buyer from England’s south coast area of Devon.

The price set two records, a world record for a Limousin breed cow, and also a European record for any breed of bovine animal. The Limousin breed is of French origin, with the animals celebrated for the quality of their beef.

Traditionally auction prices use the old fashioned currency value of the guinea with one guinea equating to a sterling pound plus one shilling, or one pound and 5p in modern English currency. It meant the highest bid of 125,000 guineas, translated into 131,250 pounds, or just over $217,500.

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