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New project aims to restore and protect one trillion trees

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A new initiative led by three of the world’s’ largest environmental NGOs aims to restore and protect one trillion trees by 2050 was outlined at COP23 in Bonn.

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The TrillionTrees project, coordinated by the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and BirdLife International (BLI) aims to ensure that one trillion trees have been re-grown, saved from loss and better protected around the world by mid-century.

Members from the NGOs, government representatives and the project’s organisers spoke at an information session and panel discussion at the WWF’s Panda Hub conference room in Bonn.

Project leader, Simon Petley of WWF-UK, said that Trillion Trees is not only working to “slow and halt” the rate of deforestation around the world, but that the initiative also hopes to “reverse it”.

While planting trees will contribute to achieving the target of one trillion restored and protected by 2050, it is not the only practice that will be employed, he said.

Trillion Trees plans to meet its targets by also directing funding towards the three core areas of advancing restoration, avoiding deforestation and protecting forest landscapes.

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