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Who is a business star?

Roger Quinn |
What is the difference between the real star and fake one? All what you should do is to ask one simple question: "What are you doing?"

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Every group of people contains smaller groups of different personalities. In a class you have good students, bad students, athletes, anti-athletes, someone is tall, someone is short, there are workaholics and lazy ones... The same stands true for a company: Every person has its own personality. That's called Gaussian distribution or normal distribution.

That said, it might happen that you are lucky and have a business star in your team or company. That person is among some two percent of the most creative persons around and if you have him/her by your side you may be happy. But how to tell who is a star? How to measure and how to recognize a star in real life?

Let's take a look from the other side of the spectrum. The chance is that you know someone who always looks busy, runs around, and doing something very important for the company. Is that a star? Not necessarily. It is easy for lazy person to look busy, especially in a larger company. It is easy because middle management and team leader don't want confrontation so even when something is not right, they tend not to ask. This is big mistake because just one question will reveal the type of the person you are talking to.

Let's now take look at the star. The chance is you know or you are heard of someone described like this: "She doesn't care for working hours, she comes when she want, goes when she wants, doesn't care for workflow, works at nights, doesn't care for usually procedures... But, man, her solutions are fantastic!" To put it shortly, all rules are broken and the results are marvelous. You can't control such person, but her results leave you speechless every time. That, my friend, is a star.

You can't control stars. You can't tell them when to come and when to leave. You can't put them in boxes with other workers. You can't order them what to wear on a business meeting and you certainly can't tell them how to do their job.

But, you can set the goal, leave them alone and expect something unexpected and brilliant. Those are the stars. People that don't fit in any usual category, but they will give you something so good that their whole behaviour makes totally irrelevant. Such people often work alone but they give all they can to the team and company. They will finish their task on time, just don't ask how. If you have someone like that in your company than you are lucky one and should give him/her all support you can.

So, what's the difference between the real star and fake one? All that you should do is to ask one simple question: "What are you doing?" If you get the answer in the next second, that's a good sign. If that answer if filled with passion, sparkles in the eyes and concrete solution for your problem, than you have a star. Maybe you won't understand anything, but you will feel that passion as it is your own.

And if you get foggy, lukewarm answer without any concrete details? Then you will know that you are giving salary to someone who don't deserve it. Look for the stars and if you find one give her/him everything. You will get much more in return.

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