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Canadian accused of complex plan of funnelling U.S. dollars from Venezuela to Tehran

Christian Fernsby |
An Iranian Canadian citizen has reportedly been charged with bank fraud in an alleged money laundering and sanctions evasion scheme involving Iran’s government, a state owned oil company in Venezuela, and a whole network of offshore bank accounts.

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Bahram Karimi, a 53-year-old Canadian of Iranian origin, has been charged in New York in multiple criminal cases, including bank fraud and conspiracy to commit it, for his purported role in money laundering.

More specifically, he is charged with funneling $115 million through U.S. banks straight into accounts for the Iranian government, according to an indictment announced last week.

In a separate count, U.S. federal prosecutors alleged that this January, Karimi intentionally lied to federal prosecutors that he was unaware of sanctions targeting Iran in a bid to conceal his part in the money laundering scheme.

The charges haven’t yet been heard in court, and no comments from Karimi have so far been reported.

It also remains unclear if he used a Canadian passport in his alleged scheme.

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