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Completion of wall on Russia-Ukraine border postponed till 2025

Christian Fernsby |
The Ukrainian State Border Service proposed to amend the plan for the implementation of the Wall project and to move the date for the completion of the fences on the border with Russia until 2025, said the Ukrainian State Border Service in response to the inquiry by the public organization StateWatch.

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According to the State Border Service such a delay is caused by the lack of financing and also the increased cost of the construction material and labor. At the same time, the budget for the Wall project for 2020 remained the same as in 2019 - 400 million hryvnias ($15 million USD).

"During 2015-2019, 634 km of engineering barriers were planned to be built along on the Russian-Ukrainian border, as well as the laying of 341 km of gravel roads. 546 km of engineering barriers and 316 km of gravel roads have been built during this period. That is, according to the border guards, the work on the "Wall" project has been done with only 86% of engineering barriers and 93% of gravel roads completed."

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