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Croatians and Italians obliged to quarantine upon arrival in Czechia, Danes only have to test

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The Czech Republic’s Ministry of Health has announced that Croatia citizens will have to fill in the arrival form and undergo a Coronavirus test before entering the territory, as Croatia has been added to the dark red category.

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Arrivals from this category will also have to quarantine for a period of five days when a second COVID-19 test can be taken.

According to the announcement made by the Ministry of Health of Czechia, based on the data provided from the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), Italy will move from orange to the red category, which means that Italians will now have to quarantine as well, and will also have to undergo double testing.

On the other hand, Denmark will move from the red to the orange category, as a result of which Danes no longer need to quarantine after entering the Czech territory.

The new change of measures will be effective from April 12, reports.

Currently, the dark red category, which represents countries with a high risk of the COVID-19, includes states of the European Union and third countries that are not listed in any of the other categories.

The Ministry explained that all persons entering the Czech Republic from any of the countries placed on the dark red category are obliged to undergo a second Coronavirus test after the fifth day. In the meantime, they must stay in self-isolation until the results are received.

Apart from Italy that was recently added to the red list, the category already includes Finland, Ireland, Malta, Monaco, Norway, Lithuania, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Latvia, Austria, Romania, Greece, Germany, Slovakia, Switzerland, Spain, and the Canary Islands.

All persons returning from a country placed on the red category must fill in the arrival form, undergo a PCR test no later than five days upon their return, and stay quarantined until they receive the test results.

The Ministry of Health also announced changes concerning the orange category to which Denmark will be added from April 12 as well. Iceland, Portugal, and the Balearic Islands are already part of this category.

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