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Iranian police: 1.4 tons of drugs seized in joint operation

Christian Fernsby |
Semnan provincial Police Commander Colonel Abdollah Hassani stated that 1,440 kg of drugs were seized in a joint police operation in Semnan, Alborz and Tehran.

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Hassani told reporters in Semnan on Saturday that following months of intelligence efforts by Special Operations Officers of Semnan Anti-Narcotics Police, clues to the activities of members of a drug smuggling gang from the east to the central parts of the country were obtained.

He went on to say that subsequent observations by Semnan police officers indicated that part of a large cargo was being stored around Tehran by members of a gang and another was being transported.

The police official pointed to the cooperation of the Anti-Narcotics Police and the Alborz and West of Tehran police in the operation and made the remark that officers seized a Peugeot belonging to a gang’ member in Fardis of Karaj and 68.5 kilogram of morphine and 123.5 kilogram of opium were discovered.

Hassani said the continued operation led to the identification of the hideout and the arrest of a key gang member in Islamshahr.

Semnan provincial police commander noted the discovery of two cars and the arrest of three drug smuggling gangs in the operation, saying, police seized 1,248 kg of opium in the operation.

More than 4,690 kg of different kinds of narcotics were seized in Semnan province since the spring with a 265 percent increase over the same period last year.

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