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Peru’s third president in a week sworn in

Christian Fernsby |
Peru’s third president in just over a week was sworn in Tuesday.

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Francisco Sagasti, a legislator from the centrist Purple Party, took office a day after Congress approved a new Legislative Board of Directors following Sunday’s resignation of President Manuel Merino.

In his first words to the nation, the interim president began by remembering the two young men who died during weekend protests.

"We can't bring them back to life, but we can prevent this from happening again by resolutely supporting those who were injured, some of them seriously. In the name of the State, I ask for forgiveness from their families and from all the young people who marched for democracy," he said.

He also referred to the political crisis the country is going through.

"Let us work for a better Peru, more united, with less rivalry and less confrontation. A more inclusive Peru. That is the great demand of the citizens' movement," said Sagasti, who assured that the transitional government will not be a partisan government.

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