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Technical glitch forces Bulgaria government's Falcon plane to land manually

Christian Fernsby |
The director of the government's Air Squad 28, Todor Kodzheykov, confirmed to reporters on Friday that there were problems landing a Falcon aircraft on Friday morning.

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here were nine people aboard the plane, including Prime Minister Boyko Borissov, who was returning from Thessaloniki, Greece.

The aircraft' navigation system malfunctioned and the pilots had to land manually, Kodzheykov said, without giving any information about the crew.

"Being familiar with the airport layout helped," explained Kodzheykov.

The Transport Ministry will check all systems of the aircraft.

The 19-year-old plane will remain landed until the cause of the glicth is established and eliminated, Kodzheykov noted.

He said another aircraft needs to be bought for Air Squad 28 because it is not the first time this one malfunctions.

This plane does not only carry the top state officials, but it also transports patients in dire medical emergencies.

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