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Tornadoes hits 2 Oklahoma cities leaving 2 dead and 29 injured

Christian Fernsby |
A tornado leveled a motel and tore through a mobile home park near Oklahoma City overnight, killing two people and injuring at least 29 others before a second twister raked a suburb of Tulsa more than 100 miles away, authorities said Sunday.

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The first tornado touched down in El Reno, about 25 miles west of Oklahoma City, late Saturday night.

It crossed an interstate and walloped the American Budget Value Inn before ripping through the Skyview Estates trailer park, flipping and leveling homes, Mayor Matt White said at a news conference.

"It's a tragic scene out there," White said, adding later that, "People have absolutely lost everything." He said the city established a gofundme site, the City of El Reno Tornado Relief Fund, to raise money to help affected families.

Several other businesses were also damaged, though not to the same extent as the motel.

The two people who were killed were in the mobile home park, White said.

Everyone at the motel was accounted for, but searchers were still going through the mobile home park.

Many of the people living there are Hispanic and don't speak English, which has complicated the rescue efforts, he said.

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