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Trump supporters breach U.S. Capitol, shots fired, lawmakers evacuated

Christian Fernsby |
The heart of U.S. democracy was plunged into chaos on Wednesday, as protesters supporting U.S. President Donald Trump marched on Congress and forced lawmakers to be evacuated.

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Police officers drew their guns inside the House chamber on Wednesday after pro-Trump protesters broke into the Capitol building and thousands swarmed the steps outside, The New York Times reported.

Images from the scene showed at least two officers aiming their guns toward the doors of the chamber, which appeared to be barricaded with some kind of large desk. There appeared to be several holes in the door.

Vice-President Mike Pence left the floor of Congress as the US House of Representatives and Senate were forced into emergency recess and placed under lockdown. Outside, hundreds of protesters swarmed past barricades surrounding the building where lawmakers were debating Joe Biden’s victory in the Electoral College, eventually breaching security cordons and entered the Capitol building after clashing with police.

"Without objection the chair declares the House in recess," congressman Jim McGovern said, banging down the gavel as loud shouts and disturbances could be heard in the public galleries in the chamber.

President Trump on Twitter urged his supporters to “stay peaceful” in his first statement after pro-Trump protesters stormed into the Capitol building in Washington, halting the certification of the electoral vote.

“Please support our Capitol Police and Law Enforcement,” he wrote as scenes of protesters clashing with the police and overrunning them on their way into the building rolled across television screens. “They are truly on the side of our Country. Stay peaceful!”

The National Guard is en route to the Capitol, according to CBS News.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, a Republican ally of Trump's, confirmed on Fox News Wednesday afternoon that he heard on a Capitol Police radio that there were "shots fired" in the building.

"People are hurt," he said.

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