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U.S. providers offer free Wi-Fi for 60 days

Christian Fernsby |
U.S. internet and wireless providers have announced temporary measures to make getting online less expensive and onerous as enforced social distancing.

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Comcast is free public Wi-Fi for all for 60 days, effective yesterday. Major metropolitan areas are thick with Comcast's Xfinity-branded hotspots.

Home based Xfinity hotspots are not included, said Comcast spokesman Joel Shadle, but Wi-Fi access points in public locations and at small businesses are.

AT and T and Charter Communications also announced free public Wi-Fi for 60 days, with Charter offering free broadband for households with students through college age who don't already have a subscription.

Verizon was among the many providers to also announce a moratorium on late fees and disconnections.

T-Mobile announced that it would provide unlimited smartphone data to all current subscribers and increase the data allowance to schools and students using their digital learning programs.

Cox said it would i ncrease speeds on low-cost broadband plans and Sprint said it would give subscribers unlimited data for 60 days, among other changes. Comcast and AT&T also temporarily lifted data caps.

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