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WHO team exits Wuhan quarantine for COVID origins study

Christian Fernsby |
A World Health Organisation team has emerged from quarantine in the Chinese city of Wuhan to start a mission on the origins of the coronavirus.

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The researchers, who were required to complete 14 days in quarantine after arriving in China, left their quarantine hotel and boarded a bus in the afternoon. It was not immediately clear where they were heading.

Yellow barriers blocked the entrance to the hotel, keeping the media at a distance. Before they boarded, workers in full protective gear could be seen loading their luggage on to the bus, including two musical instruments, a dumbbell and four yoga mattresses.

Earlier this month, former WHO official Keiji Fukuda, who is not part of the team in Wuhan, cautioned against expecting any breakthroughs, saying it may take years before any firm conclusions can be made on the virus’s origin.

“This is now well over a year past when it all started,” he said. “So much of the physical evidence is going to be gone.

“The memories of people are imprecise and probably the physical layout of many places are going to be different than they were and how people are moving about and so on.”

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