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More Brexit-impacted companies choose the Netherlands

Christian Fernsby |
Due to the ongoing uncertainty in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands is becoming increasingly popular as a destination for Brexit-impacted companies.

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To date, almost 100 companies have opted for the Netherlands and some 325 companies are interested in the Netherlands due to the uncertain position of the UK in the European Union.

That is being made known today by the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA), the organization that attracts foreign companies to the Netherlands on behalf of the Dutch government.

The NFIA expects that the Brexit results will grow further in the coming months.

The almost 100 companies that have already opted for the Netherlands mostly have urgent reasons, for example because of a banking license or broadcasting rights to remain active in the EU.

The increased interest in the Netherlands is not only coming from British companies. Companies from North America, Asia and Australia are now orienting themselves differently on the possibilities of Europe in light of Brexit. Companies are revising their strategy because of the necessary access to the EU. The NFIA sees that the Netherlands is a compelling choice in that respect.

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