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Zimbabwe to add 250MW of solar capacity from two plants

Christian Fernsby |
Zimbabwe joins the group of African countries increasingly embracing solar energy.

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The country is set to add 250MW to its generation capacity at a cost of $400m.

The 250MW would be provided by two 100MW plants in Goromonzi and Bulawayo and one 50MW plant in Harare.

Zimbabwe is set to construct three solar photovoltaic power plants with a total capacity of 250MW by independent producers at a cost of US $400m.

According to the project leaders, the projects comes at a time when the country is in urgent need of adapting its electricity production to climate change

The three solar plants will be installed in three Zimbabwean cities, Goromonzi, Bulawayo and Harare.

The first two will each have a 100 MW capacity while the last one will have a capacity of 50 MW.

The system will be implemented in the coming months by the local company Guarantee Risk Solar, in collaboration with Bushveld Energy (eXcess Africa), a South African company.

Despite the government’s many efforts, Zimbabwe is still plagued by numerous power cuts.

Interruptions can last up to 10 hours each day.

These cuts are due to low water levels at the Kariba dam, the country’s main electricity supplier.

Daily electricity demand is estimated at 2100 MW for a production of 969 MW, a low production capacity that remains under serious threat from drought and grid capacity and reliability problems.

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