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Dembell motorhome, a luxurious home on wheels. With a garage

Edward Green |
The luxury interior of the Dembell motorhome is the work of the same Italian team that’s responsible for creating Azimut yachts. Now they took a Mercedes as a base and took it to another level.

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The Dembell motorhome rides on a three-axle Mercedes chassis, features three expandable modules, and offers amenities you most probably don't have in your home. The floor of the motorhome runs flat from front to back, offering a uniform ceiling height of 2 meters. The kitchen appliances are all supplied by Miele, including the induction cooktop, oven, 224-L refrigerator, dishwasher, and microwave, while the luxury motorhome gets a home theater system by Bose that works in tandem with another 55-inch TV mounted to the wall in the living area.

Side package room is for your motorbike, quad or bicycle. With two slide-outs small garage is the best compromise: it is not only easy to furnish but also able to carry a small and practical car like a Smart without taking up any space from the bedroom above it. large garage with three slide-out is for travellers who are passionate about their cars, but don’t want to give up comfort either. Not only is there enough space in the garage for cars from 4 (e.g. Fiat 500) to 4.5 meters (e.g. Ferrari California) long, but also the bedroom above it remains absolutely comfortable.

The front cabin has captain’s seats for the driver and three passengers, which get spring suspension and massage function. The air-conditioned driver’s cab also has a queen bed. The Dembell motorhome can also stay off the grid thanks to roof-mounted solar panels, onboard generator, and 1,000-L freshwater tank, 550 Ltr grey water an

350 Ltr black water tanks. You can choose models either with 2 or with 3 slide-outs in the lounge area, in the kitchen or in the bedroom to make your journey as comfortable as possible. The central heating system for example, is designed like it is in a family house: underfloor and radiator heating, even supplemented with surface-heated side and skylight windows.

The exterior of the Dembell motorhome appears sporty thanks to its monotone look and a red racing stripe that runs the entire length, underlining the tinted window line. The exterior of the vehicle was brought completely into one plane with minimal divisions, just like the side panels. the Dembell hid all the frames, the protruding parts, the windows and even the door handles and used hidden hinges as well. The floor is wood, the furniture isveneered, the sofa is upholstered in leather or beautiful fabrics. The coverings of the bathroom are made of stone, the windows are made of glass. Excellent.

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