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Genesis GV60, versatile luxury electric vehicle

Edward Green |
The success of Genesis continues with the launch of its first dedicated electric vehicle GV60.

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Following the same model naming scheme as the existing Genesis lineup, all-new GV60 is the third SUV model from the brand, with “V” in standing for ‘versatility’, a quality it shares with both the GV80 and GV70. GV60 embraces an exciting electrified future for Genesis and represents the brand’s unwavering commitment to its core values. Featuring the next step in Genesis’ bold Athletic Elegance design language, it also sets a new standard for luxury electric vehicles, with a powerful driving performance that connects it emotionally to customers.

This model also delivers unrivalled BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) technology designed to make the switch to electric mobility a smooth and pleasurable experience to be savoured. With a range of powerful motors and large battery, all-new GV60 goes faster and further, while its state-of-the-art electrical architecture means Ultra Fast charging comes as standard. GV60 has been extensively developed and honed on European roads. Confirmation testing has also been carried out at the famous Nürburgring circuit in Germany, the 20.8km circuit representing the toughest test for any new car. The tortuously twisting circuit puts unprecedented demands on all parts of the car.

All-new GV60 is a high-performance electric vehicle with a sleek and athletic crossover utility vehicle (CUV) design that expands Genesis’ ‘Athletic Elegance’ design identity into the luxury EV (electric cehicle) space. This approach has created an iconic and instantly recognisable car, giving all-new GV60 its own identity while also clearly marking it out as part of the ever-increasing Genesis family. Offering a compelling blend of style and power all-new GV60 creates unbounded mobility experiences that are tailored to modern lifestyles.

All-new GV60 is available in a total of 15 colours, including two new shades: São Paulo Lime and Hanauma Mint. Other colors include Vik Black, Uyuni White, Matterhorn White, Saville Silver, Himalayan Grey, Melbourne Grey, and Royal Blue. GV60 is also the first Genesis to feature Connected Car Integrated Cockpit, the next-generation infotainment system that provides ultimate convenience and usability. Made up of a pair of high definition 12.3-inch screens, Connected Car Integrated Cockpit seamlessly links the instrument dash and navigation screen into a panoramic display that shares all content with the HUD (Head Up Display).

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