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AgitÁgueda Festival brings shower of colours over the narrow streets of Águeda

Nalynn Dolan Caine |
Every year in July, the AgitÁgueda Festival brings a lot of colour and fun to the city of Águeda in the heart of Portugal.

This event, held in the city centre along the river, is world renowned for the originality of the Umbrella Sky Project, where over 3000 colourful umbrellas covered four of its main making the event so funny and joyful.

The Umbrella Sky Project has been seen all over the world but it originated at the 2012 Ágitagueda Art Festival in Portugal and became an instant hit and since then it has become a tradition.

In fact, these pop-up shade structures have become an annual summertime installation and are now a very popular tourist attraction.

The AgitÁgueda program includes performances, more than 35 concerts and many more amazing initiatives that make of it a unique event.

If you plan traveling to Portugal in July, make sure to stop by!

Start Date: 06 July 2019
End Date: 28 July 2019

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