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Big Major Cay, Bahamas, the island where feral pigs have their paradise

Christian Fernsby |
There is a place on Earth where pigs have their own island and a piece of paradise. And they happen to have their place in one of the best parts in the world, Bahamas.

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Just North of Staniel Cay in the Outer Exumas is Big Major Cay. On this small Bahamas island, a group of feral pigs lives happy life.

The pigs are regularly fed by those who go out to visit them, which is often those staying at Fowl Cay Resort, where boats are available and all the regulars direct visitors to the pigs because they never cease to amaze.

If you visit them in a boat, the pigs will swim out to you. If you get to get too close, they will jump into your boat and look for your lunch. But don't be afraid because that happens when they are feeling especially friendly.

The pigs control Big Major Cay, roami where they want and when they want and, like all experienced inhabitants of any island, they prefer to stay in the shade during the sunny hours. When it's too hot they jump into water too cool down.

Nobody knows how the pigs got there, maybe they survived a shipwreck, maybe somebody left them there, how knows and who cares.

Bahamas have a lot to offer, they are among the most beautiful place on Earth, but true stars there are pigs that swim. Friendly and funny, they are true joy to everyone that comes here.

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