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Events in February 2009

Nalynn Dolan Caine |
World Championship Hoop Dance Contest, USA; Black Truffle Festival, Italy; Teddy Bear Festival, UK; diving with whale sharks in Kenya.

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Phoenix, Arizona, Americas
February 7-8, 2009

Running record in 10 kilometres long race while twirling a hula hoop around the waist set an American woman in 2005 and it is 1:43:11. The record is listed in the Guinness World Records book. Her male opponent (age not known) gave up after 1:06:35. Where was his head, anyway?

At Heard Museum in Phoenix, Arizona, from February 7 to 8 the 19th Annual World Championship Hoop Dance Contest will take place. Top American Indian and Canadian First Nation hoop dancers will show their skills in performances of hoop dances, so the good show is guaranteed.

Dancers will be divided in few categories, from 5 years old to 40 and older (good Lord, we hope they know what they do). Competitors will be judged by the showmanship, precision, timing, rhythm, speed and creativity. Winners from the four category will share the 10.000 dollars prize.

Norcia, Italy
February 18-20, 2009
February 25-March 1, 2009

Medieval mountain town Norcia in Umbria region in Italy's province Perugia is famous for its black truffles. Although gourmands don't value black truffles as much as white ones, they are still the delicacy that many people highly value.

The spring truffles price goes from 250 to 350 Euros per kilograms while winter truffles can go for 650 to 1100 Euros per kilograms. Thanks to the combination of the oak and hazelnut trees humus, they happily grow until the moment when the well-trained dogs smell them under the ground.

Each February the Black Truffle Festival attracts a lots of visitors to Umbria, the homeland of the black truffles. If you’re gourmand by nature visit Piazza San Benedetto in Norcia from February 18 - 20 or from February 25 to March 1, and taste truffles but also taste their sausages, spiced salamis, cheese and acacia honey. It's the very yummy event, if you ask us.

London, England
February 22, 2009

If you are in London on February 22, visit Kensington Town Hall where Hugglets Teddy Bear Festival takes place. The story about the festival goes back to 1989 when Hugglets family organized the first British Teddy Bear Festival which gathered more than 2000 collectors and business people.

Today, that one day festival visit more than 2000 teddy bear lovers and collectors, not to mention that the exhibitors comes from all parts of the world, from the distant Australia, Canada, South Africa, Japan, to USA and Europe.

So, if your dearest teddy bear suffers from an injury this is the perfect place to fix it. If it is "gone with the wind", buy antique one or the new one, just for the old times' sake. Do not be surprised with the prices. They go from few pounds to over 1000 pounds. But, for a cute teddy bear the price is never too big. If you miss February 22 the next festival will take place September 13. Visit and enjoy.

Dive sites, Kenya
February - March 2009

February in Kenya marks the beginning of the whale sharks season. During the February and March Kenya is also the perfect place for everyone who is searching for the adrenaline sport activity.

Diani Marine, Watamu Marine National Park and Malindi Marine National Park are the best location for diving with the world's largest sharks. There are times when whale sharks are so numerous that even boat must wait for them to move to be able to continue, for it literally cannot pass of sharks.

Whale shark sizes varies from 5 to 9 meters, but the biggest whale shark ever seen was more than 12 meters long. Whale shark likes to swim near to surface, so it's the real thrill to see it and touch it. We almost forgot to tell you: It has never been noted that whale shark attacked the human. They are completely harmless and feed only with small fishes and planktons. Now you feel braver, we suppose.

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