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One day in Cambridge, UK: Kind city that dances for David Attenborough

Wilson Jone |
Just an hour north by train from London, a city on the River Cam is home to the prestigious University of Cambridge. Here you can see more in a day than you'd imagine: from the spirit of students, a wonderful choice of shops and great food to all-night dance parties that honor scientists.

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Cambridge was recently voted as the UK's eighth kindest city and that's backed by a stunning number: More than third of people do some act of kindness every day. This can be see all over the city since Cambridge could most probably take the title "The city that smiles", the city that don't live in its past - which is glorious - but the city that allows its young population to drive it forward. And this is the city of picturesque buildings, avid cyclists and great food, we mean "The city of food" with excellent food and drinks everywhere.

Being the city of the University of Cambridge established back in 1209, Cambridge is home of more than 30 colleges but what stand apart of other university cities is that visitors can take a look at more than 800 years of history by venturing inside the Colleges of Cambridge and their gardens. Here we must mention Cambridge University Botanic Garden located only a short walk from the city centre and there you can see more than 8,000 different plant species scattered around on 40 acres of beautiful landscape.

King's College Chapel is a spectacular example of Gothic architecture. They started to build it back in 1446 and took more than 100 years to finish it. Not very fast but the end result is the largest fan vault in the world with beautiful examples of the medieval stained glass. This is the place where A Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols takes place, the festivity for the Christmas Eve that is broadcast to millions viewers around the world. This is one of the most popular tourists attraction in Cambridge and with a reason.

You should know that the best way to enjoy Cambridge is: one attraction - one food stop. Repeat. So, for your break to enjoy a glass of excellent beer there is a location you simply must visit: the Eagle. The pub on 9 Benet Street is the the pub where Francis Crick announced to the world that he and James Watson had discovered DNA. The old pub also has a Royal Airforce bar and memorabilia from the Second World War airmen on the ceiling and walls. Then wander through its winding streets to discover some excellent shops and find something special for yourself.

The Cambridge streetfood scene came to its glory over the past couple of years. And there are some unique experiences like foodPark. This is the city's only group of street food traders. They created a vibrant street food scene using the best ingredients and you can find their food at the University of Cambridge's West Cambridge campus, Cambridge Science Park, and the CB1 Development at Cambridge Railway Station. But there are also streetfood vans offering - just about everything you can imagine.

One of other things that should be put under UNESCO protection is the high-class tearoom in old train carriages. Spread across three repurposed vintage railway cars, looking amazing, Carriages is bringing a touch of class to the railway lunch. You can not just walk in but you can book for a group of up to 100 friends and enjoy their tea and other delicious stuff in Fen Drayton. If you want amazing cakes, Fitzbillies, on Bridge Street and Trumpington Street, is the spot. Their amazing cakes are hard to beat.

If you are willing to go out of the city center, head a few miles south of Cambridge to Wandlebury Country Park. On top of the Magog Hills, this is the city’s original country park. This countryside estate offers more than eight miles of walks through woodland and wildflower meadows enjoyed by Highland Cattle. You may also visit Grantchester to enjoy its the Orchard Tea Garden renowned for the huge number of famous people who came there to enjoy a cup of tea, morning coffee or lunch.

Have a pleasant afternoon under the blossoming fruit trees and then, for a memorable experience, take the chauffeured tour along the River Cam. If it is cold, you will be given a cozy blanket to keep you warm. Cruise along the water, relax and enjoy the scenery. Later in the evening, the Fez nightclub is a natural spot for you. Being open-minded, they organized all-night dancing event that pays homage to - David Attenborough. That's what we call the spirit of Cambridge.

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