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Planning the weekend around the globe (26)

Nalynn Dolan Caine |
If you want to surprise someone with a letter from Santa go to and order it - Finnish Santa Claus will send the original letter.

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ou want, your name will be added beyond Santa’s name. Every year Santa Claus got more than 700.000 letters with wishes. He doesn’t sleep, eat or drink (well, the last he certainly do, the only question is what), until he finishes his job with the presents. Nice and original gift. Give grandpa some work!

December 8, 2007
Europe, London

December is traditionally a month for charity actions. The 27th Great Christmas Pudding Race will take place at 11.30 AM in Covent Garden Market, London. All the money go to Cancer Research UK — the country's leading aid organisation. Your task is to find few friends, form a team and be prepared for the start wearing fancy dress or your company's branding, at 11.30 sharp. It will be fun, useful and noble deed. Who could resist The Great Christmas Pudding Race? You have three days to form a team. Switch your wash-machine to "pudding program" and press PAUSE and let it wait until you return with you clothes messed up. Now, go!

Europe, Monaco
If you want to relax or just search for a place after holidays, visit Hotel Metropole in Monte Carlo. Its nickname is "Magician of atmospheres" and with a reason. Beautify designed interior and highly spa treatments will give your body everything it need. French chef promises excellent gastronomy. We got a look on his offer and saw a little fancy stuff on a big plate. Chef is almost a magician, except they do the opposite. So, maybe you will not be stuffed, but relaxed and satisfied you will be, especially if you ask for "Just for you program". What this program includes you will find out when you get there.

December 12 - 13, 2007
Europe, Russia

When we are talking about magician and illusionists, artistic director of Momix brings his company of dance illusionists to St. Petersburg's Music Hall Theatre. This event is promoted by the Musical Olympus Foundation and is worth to see. The performers are masters of visual illusion. Their shows are a spectacular mix of illusion, dance, acrobatics and imagination. If you miss the performance in St. Petersburg, the next one is at December 17 - 18, 2007, in Moscow Theatre Hall of the International House of Music. Good amusement!

December 8-20, 2007
Americas, North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii
Now, something completely different and more dangerous happens on Hawaii those days. It is a start of Billabong Pipeline Masters for men and women from December 8 - 20. Skills of men you can watch on North Shore, Oahu, and women performance on Honolua Bay, Maui. For decades Pipe has been considered the most dangerous wave on the planet. Visit the Hawaii and look both women and men, and enjoy in their performances. Huge waves promise good amusement and fact that sometimes they drop in some little shark, promises great tension.

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