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Thrill around the globe

Nalynn Dolan Caine |
This week three amazing trips. First we visited Alaska just for warming up, then jumped to Canada. We finished our adventure in Philippines where we learned a new skill. We survived, can you?

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This is the best time to start planning the trip to Alaska. Between May 10 and September 15 the days are long and nature blooms. Perfect time to fulfil your body with energy breathing the fresh Alaska air which will be to your organism like an energy bomb.

From May to September temperatures are between -15 to -12 Celsius, it is still cold, but summer months are pleasant and temperatures range from 16 to 27 Celsius. You can choose between many activities, this time we offer you Alaska Travel Adventures - McKinley Jeep Backcountry Safari with a professional guide. Starting point is at Trapper Creek from which you will go to the historic Petersville Mining District still rich with gold.

Expect obstacles in the shape of dips and bumps; breath, look, observe, make pictures (cameras inevitable), share your experience with the other passengers from the other Jeeps through interactive two-way radios and have a good time. Your tushy will hurt you maybe, but your spirit will be thankful. McKinley Jeep Backcountry Safari ends in the Cache Creek gold fields where your guide will show you how to find the gold in the pristine creek. Use a pan and try how lucky you are. If you find some piece that looks like a gold, keep it. They allow that.

After lunch (beef stew, pasta salad, sourdough rolls with butter and wild berry jam, apple pie and beverages) put a leg on accelerator (yes, you will drive) and test how fast your guide can speak. Give him a break after while, don't be naughty for a long time, because you risk to be abandoned as bear lunch. Enjoy in manoeuvring along Alaska's demanding roads and sing. This is not the every day's experience.


Deep in the Canadian Rockies in Alberta the spectacular area of Jasper National Park waits for your visit. This is the place for snow-boarding and skiing during the winter, and majestic area for golfing, rafting, fishing and hiking during the summer. Accommodate yourself in one of the four outstanding Jasper resorts, drink hot cafe or tea (cooked wine? - be wild) and plan a trip. When you are there find out why people call Jasper "The Gem of The Rockies".

That picturesque town will offer you wide range of settings, so you can choose lodges with 3 or 1 heated outdoor pools, 3 or 1 outdoor Jacuzzis, depend of what kind of fun you have in mind and how lucky you think you are. All lodges have steam room, sauna and barbeque facilities, everything that you will ever need under the Canadian Rockies.

Your Jasper hosts, which are all experienced staff who knows to deal with troub... ups, pleasant people, and they are committed to make your staying in Jasper unforgettable. It doesn't matter if you come alone (we forbid), or have some important corporate meeting (we sorry) or wait relatives for annual traditional family reunion (double sorry), you will not be disappointed. Just relax, take a few hours to explore this unspoiled natural paradise and listen to the birds (this with long ears is probably a rabbit).

Furthermore, find some graceful animal and pet it - if it smiles very wide and drools, call 911, we don't know you, never heard. If you manage to go back in Jasper with your head on - congratulation! You are born to be wild.

Next destination is forbidden for those who attract bad luck. The Philippines is an archipelago of more than 7100 islands and if you lost who will find you there. But, the other thing worries me more. Philippines have 37 volcanoes of which 18 are still active. If luck and you are two different things you will run into active one or activate one which sleeps for centuries. Practice orientation and survive skills at home, here in Philippines you will conquer one completely different skill - kite surfing. Eyes and ears together, yes, you read correctly - we lead you to become an IKO instructor.

In Philippines Boracay the classroom is outside, under the coconut palms (very sexy) which makes candidates instantly relax and more focused to IKO guru trainer Neil (Yoda) Godbold. Yoda? I know Yoda from Star wars who talk backwards. Well... that would be the strangest lesson you ever learned. If I'm in your shoes I will risk. Hurt cannot.

"Neil has nearly 20 years as a teacher and as a power-kite addict on land, sea and snow. What he doesn't know, he hasn't written yet." Ok, whatever. Shortly, take 3 weeks off and join Kite surfing team in Boracay Island to learn how to be and IKO and BKSA kite surfing instructor. Mr. Neil Godbold is the BKSA head coach and Master IKO examiner and you will be, seriously, in very good hands... What?

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