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When history and future meet

Nalynn Dolan Caine |
This week we visit British Virgin Islands, Le Taha'a Island Resort and Spa in French Polynesia, and tell you a story about mystery in South America.

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British Virgin Islands
Peter Island Resort is the largest private island in the BVI (British Virgin Islands) and the fifth largest island of 60 BVI's. So, WPIR to you or shall we say properly: Welcome to the Peter Island Resort, one of Caribbean's idyllic islands and the true heaven for everyone in love. But, that is not the requirement.

Peter Island Resort spreads on seven square kilometres and has the capacity of housing more than 100 guests in 55 accommodations. Snorkelling, mountain biking, swimming or walking uphill to property's trails are just some of activities the island offers. One warning: the trails uphill to property are not marked so be careful not to get lost. This is also the explanation of why chef always cooks fewer dinners than numbers of the guests - someone always misses the way back. OK, we're kidding. The food is yummy, wine list is great and a chef is the law.

However, here are few minuses we found. If you would like to lunch by the pool or to order a drink; it will not happen. The staff is occupied with some more important job than to run around you. Grapefruit juice is on service until 10am, after that you only may ask for a grapefruit picture. The resort may lack towels and the first aid kit shortage. All in all, you are on vacation, sun shines, water is crystal clear - WPIR to you.

French Polynesia
Le Taha'a Island Resort and Spa is located in the magnificent Taha'a lagoon north of its larger sister Raiatea, only five minutes ride from the island of the same name. According to legend, the islands of Tahaa and Raiatea, a part of Society Islands, were one until they were separated by a sacred needle belonging to the spirit of a princess.

Taha'a, the smaller and quieter of the two islands, is also known as Vanilla Island because of the vanilla plantations which scent the entire place. When you look those small wrinkly brown vanilla beans it's almost unbelievable they are the source of that delicious smell. Tahaa is also know by its aquamarine waters, coloured vegetation, white sand beaches, coral garden and the amazing tropical fishes.

Le Taha'a Island Resort and Spa rooms are decorated in authentic Polynesian style meaning Polynesian symbols many of which come from nature, wood, bamboo, peaked timbered ceilings, thatched roofs, and pictured windows. Le Taha'a had 60 villas and bungalows mostly spreaded over the water. Vanilla restaurant offers French breads, tropical fruit, cheese, even lox (cured salmon filet) and bagels (ring shaped bread). Manuia Bar beside the pool offers cocktails, juices (grapefruit?) and such, while in Ohiri restaurant you will taste vanilla-scented grilled tuna and risotto flavoured with coconut, saffron and anise star. Rate: great!

Southern Mexico and Central America
And now, a little mystery from the history: Thirteen crystal skulls of apparently ancient origin were found in some parts of Central and South America. For some of the skulls people believe they are old between 5,000 and 36,000 years old and that where lifted behind of Mayan elders. Sensational data, indeed, but there is a catch. Crystal skull located in Canada and named Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull is the most mysterious and controversial crystal skull among them. In fact, looking from a technical side, even today's most talented engineers or sculptors wouldn’t be unable to do such object.

Researchers from Hewlett-Packard Laboratories made extensive study on Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull in 1970, and got some outstanding results. While modern crystal sculptors always take into account the orientation of the crystal molecular symmetry, Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull had been carved against the natural axis of the crystal, and above all, the skull had been carved with metal instruments, conducted people from the Hewlett-Packard Laboratories. But, even that is not the all. It seems that the skull is roughly hewn out with diamonds and finished by silicon and water process. By using this process, approximately time for finishing the skull - 300 years. At the Trocadero Museum of Paris you can see Paris Crystal Skull and in London's Museum of Mankind look British Crystal Skull.

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