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Biden kills Keystone XL Pipeline, Alberta wants sanctions against U.S.

Christian Fernsby |
The premier of Canada’s Alberta province called for sanctions against the U.S. after newly elected President Joe Biden cancelled the CAN$8 billion Keystone XL Pipeline on Wednesday.

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“This is a gut punch for the Canadian and Alberta economies,” Jason Kenney said in a fiery press conference while responding to the cancellation of the pipeline, which would carry about 830,000 barrels a day of heavy crude oil extracted from Alberta’s oil sands fields to the U.S. state of Nebraska.

It would then connect with an existing pipeline to flow the crude to U.S. Gulf Coast refineries.

Thousands of jobs evaporate with the cancellation, and the Alberta government has invested CAN$1.5 billion in the pipeline, which has been under construction for months in Canada.

Kenney said Prime Minister Justin Trudeau should talk to Biden to try to get the project back on track. It was killed by then-president Barack Obama in 2015 and then given the green light again by former President Donald Trump early in his administration.

If the talks fail, Kenney called for retaliatory but unspecified economic sanctions against the U.S.

In a news release Wednesday, builder TC Energy said the project would deliver “much needed energy in an environmentally responsible way while enhancing North American energy security.”

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