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If there are no U.S. missiles in Europe, there will be no Russian missiles, says Grushko

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Russia will deploy medium and shorter range missiles near EU borders if U.S. missiles are deployed in Europe, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko told Interfax.

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According to him, the missiles will be deployed along the borders with Baltics and Poland, if the U.S. moves missiles previously deployed in Germany to these regions, as proposed by the U.S. Ambassador to Poland Georgette Mosbacher.

"Those countries that are now literally fighting for the American military presence in any form, for the status of "front-line" states I mean Poland and the Baltic states should understand all the costs of such a choice in terms of their own security and their allies," Grushko warned.

According to him, Russia's position has not changed since the collapse of the Intermediate-Range Missile Treaty. "If there are no American missiles in Europe, we will not deploy ours. As soon as the missiles appear, we will deploy ours there," Grushko explained.

If the U.S. moves tactical nuclear weapons from Germany to Poland, "all necessary measures, including military ones, will be taken," he added. So far, there have been only hints of such a scenario, and no one has reached concrete agreements on this matter. "But taking into account how unabashedly, without taking into account anyone’s interests, the United States operates, this possibility cannot be completely excluded," Grushko said.

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