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Lithuania removes 21 countries from its list of coronavirus high risk countries

Christian Fernsby |
Lithuania’s government has removed from its coronavirus red list 21 countries, travellers from which will no longer be required to follow the two-weeks quarantine rule when attempting to enter the country, Lithuania’s Ministry of Health has announced through a press release.

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Bulgaria, Estonia, Greece, Norway, Italy, Germany and the Faroe Islands have been removed from the Coronavirus high-risk countries list, after estimating that during the past two weeks Coronavirus incidence rate was more than 10 per cent higher than in Lithuania, reports.

The decision which takes effect from October 12, also includes the following countries, Kosovo, Bolivia, Turkey, Guatemala, the Philippines, Jamaica, Kyrgyzstan, Suriname, Namibia, the Republic of South Africa, the Virgin Islands, Turks and Caicos Venezuela as well as Trinidad and Tobago.

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