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Russia turns down U.S. allegation it violates Open Skies Treaty

Christian Fernsby |
The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs rejected the United States' allegations it violates the 1992 Open Skies Treaty of 1992, supposedly used by Moscow to mark precision weapons target.

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Now a new accusation has appeared: Russia uses the infrastructure information obtained in the course of the implementation of the agreement in the United States and Europe to point its precision weapons, a statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs highlights.

And this is affirmed by the country that from the beginning insisted on the opening for observation flights of the entire territory of the state subjected to that process (first, of course, the Soviet Union, and then Russia), recalls the official document.

We recommend that Washington announces the complete list of Russian objects that it has filmed in recent years using its rights derived from the treaty, indicates the statement from the Foreign Ministry, referring to Washington's announcement to unilaterally withdraw from said arrangement.

Moscow acted strictly within the framework of the provisions of the agreement and American colleagues had no complaints about it with us before, the statement highlights.

It is obvious that now, experiencing an acute shortage of arguments to justify their actions, Treaty opponents were forced to resort to the use of this crazy thesis, the letter denounces.

According to Moscow, Washington tries to create the impression that they, their allies and like-minded people impeccably complied with the treaty, but that is not true.

The United States now claims that it can reconsider its decision to withdraw from the Treaty, if Russia unconditionally meets all its requirements in the coming months. This is an ultimatum and that way, dialogue will not work, warns the Foreign Ministry.

Russia is open to talks, but only on the basis of equal rights and aimed at mutual consideration of interests and concerns, the aforementioned agency clarifies.

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