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Garmin Dash Cam 66W, one of the best dash cameras out there

Dale Davies |
Featuring an extra-wide 180-degree field of view that captures and saves important details in 1440p HD video, the GPS-enabled Garmin Dash Cam 66W has it all.

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This pocket-size dash camera is remarkably compact, making it perfect for capturing video without getting in your way. Two power cable options are included for upward or downward routing. The impressive extra-wide 180-degree field of view captures more of the environment. Get an eyewitness account of the road ahead, including cross traffic. With 1440p HD video and Garmin Clarity HDR, you'll be able to record clear video of important vehicle details in any light.

Once plugged into your vehicle’s power source, the camera continually records, so you don’t have to worry about turning it on and off or missing an incident. The camera automatically saves footage when it detects an incident. With built-in GPS, you’ll have proof of exactly when and where events occurred. Garmin Dash Cam 66W requires at least an 8 GB microSD card, Class 10 or faster. Keep your hands on the wheel, and use voice commands1 to tell the camera to save video, start and stop the audio recording and more.

You can share your drive with friends by using the Travelapse feature. It condenses hours of driving into minutes of highlights, creating a fun video you can easily share. With the parking surveillance mode you can automatically record motion in front of and inside your vehicle when it’s parked and turned off. You won’t have to choose between powering the dash camera and keeping your phone charged. The included charger has an extra USB port, so you can do both.

With HDR (high dynamic range) video recording the camera will retain detail in high-contrast lighting, while a Wi-Fi connection to your smartphone and the free Garmin Drive app means that you can connect up to four cameras at once and synchronize the video they shoot, giving a 360-degree view around your car. There are a huge number of cams on the market, but if you want one of the best, with very useful features that will keep you safe parked or driving Garmin Dash Cam 66W is the way to go.

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