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Made in USA: MoFi StudioDeck turntable, great sound, great price

Dale Davies |
MoFi StudioDeck turntable features an incredible amount of ingenuity usually reserved for much more expensive products.

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Custom developed and manufactured in the USA, this 10-inch straight aluminum gimbaled bearing tonearm delivers the ideal balanced of rigidity and low tracking error, so all you hear is what is in the grooves. Tweak to your heart's delight with provisions for adjustable tracking force, VTA, azimuth, and anti-skate. StudioDeck features an aluminum plate carefully bonded to an MDF body to add mass and eliminate tonal coloration, maintaining the true sound found on the record.

300 RPM stepped-pulley AC motor provides excellent speed stability for pitch accuracy and rhythmic drive. The Delrin pulley has two positions for 33 1/3 and 45 RPM speed selection. Motor vibrations are kept away from the platter and stylus by using advanced dampening materials that decouple the motor from the rest of the turntable. Delrin is a next-generation polymer developed by Dupont. In the world of audio, Delrin's highly crystalline structure presents a wonderful impedance match to vinyl records, effectively grounding unwanted noise and keeping it away from the stylus.

Any vibration of the stylus that is not created by the grooves in the record is a distortion that will mask musical detail. Developed in conjunction with the engineering team at Harmonic Resolution Systems, the world leader in vibration isolation for audio equipment, the included MoFi anti-vibration feet isolate your turntable from bad vibrations. The extremely low tolerance combination of steel, bronze, and teflon—found in much more expensive turntables—will provide you many years of high-performance playback.

It’s only natural to use the word “Studio” in the name of one of MoFi StudioDeck and while it’s entry-level offering, StudioDeck produces great sound at a value price. StudioDeck features an incredible amount of ingenuity usually reserved for much more expensive products. MoFi StudioDeck is one of the most interesting turntables and for $1,000 it is an excellent product if you want to step into a world of vynil. This is something you really should hear and after that we know what turntable you will buy.

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