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Onkyo M-5000R: A delicious Hi-Fi experience

Dale Davies |
Signal quality on the Onkyo Hi-Fi power amplifier M-5000R is meticulously preserved by new AWRAT technology, while three-stage inverted Darlington circuitry provides extremely efficient power output. This is one of the best power amplifiers on the market today.

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Power devices for the left and right channels of the M-5000R are aligned symmetrically. Each channel has the same electrical and structural design, and signal pathways are uniform in length. This helps to minimize errors in stereophonic playback. That way, the M-5000R can easily deliver 170 W/Ch on 4 Ω and 1 kHz. Three-stage inverted Darlington circuitry brings greater efficiency and two extra transistors for each channel in a "quad push-pull" design that significantly enhances amplification power.

Massive twin toroidal transformers and four 27,000 μF capacitors work to stabilize the power supply and current. To minimize errors in stereophonic playback, the amplifier incorporates a totally symmetrical alignment of power devices for left and right channels. Since the advent of digital audio, signal-to-noise ratios have improved dramatically. However, the S/N ratio reflects static noise only, and takes no account of another type of noise that occurs as the byproduct of sound reproduction - dynamic noise.

To reduce this type of noise, Onkyo has developed DIDRC technology for use in company's hi-fi components. Despite being beyond the normal range of human hearing, frequencies above 100 kHz are susceptible to clock pulse and other forms of distortion from digital devices that can generate "beat interference", which affects the character or atmosphere of the original sound. By improving linearity and reducing distortion in the super-high frequency range, Onkyo's new DIDRC technology effectively reduces perceptible noise.

The M-5000R offers the audiophile possibilities of BTL through its pro-grade XLR input. You can use the BTL feature in conjunction with a compatible pre-amp and a second power amp to double the power output for left and right channels. The M-5000R incorporates two massive toroidal transformers that reduce magnetic flux leakage, improve efficiency, and keep the power supply stable. The M-5000R features separate aluminum panels for the top, sides, and front to reduce unwanted vibrations caused by internal resonance.

The M-5000R by Onkyo is definitively one of the best amplifiers out there. No matter the input source or the type of music you are listening to, Onkyo will, with no doubt, add a new dimension to the overall experience. Pair it with a good loudspeakers and you'll have a dream system.

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