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Kazkommertsbank appoints three managing directors

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Almaty, Kazakhstan - April 15, 2016, Almaty, Kazakhstan - Kazkommertsbank announced appointment of Mirzhan Karakulov, Murat Suleimenov and Askar Darmenov as new managing directors of the bank.

Mr. Karakulov has more than 10 years of experience in corporate finance, insurance and risk management in government and private companies.

Mr. Karakulov held a number of management positions in the National Bank of Kazakhstan, Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan. He acted as Deputy CEO in the Development Bank of Kazakhstan.

Mr. Karakulov worked in NWF Samruk-Kazyna during the crisis years of 2008-2009. He holds the Bolashak scholarship.

Mr. Karakulov graduated from Vanderbilt University with degree with honors in economics, and holds MBA degree and bachelor's degree in economics from Kazakhstan Institute of Management and Economics and Strategic Research (KIMEP).

Mr. Suleimenov was appointed as CFO of the Bank. He is an experienced manager. He started his career in 2003 as chief specialist in the Ministry of Economy and Budgeting.

Three years later Mr. Suleimenov moved to asset management and investment banking area, where he joined Asyl Invest company, and then he was invited to the National Bank of Kazakhstan for a position of portfolio manager for gold reserves and the National Fund.

Mr. Suleimenov then continued in the National Investment Corporation as head of the Treasury. In 2013 he returned to the NBK as the head of currency and gold reserves and the National Fund.

Mr. Suleimenov graduated from KIMEP in 2003 with bachelor's degree in business administration, and in 2008 he graduated from the National University of Singapore with the master's degree in business administration.

Mr. Darmenov will supervise security and IT security as well as internal control, including same areas in the branches and subsidiaries of the Bank.

Mr. Darmenov graduated from the Academy of the National Security Committee of Kazakhstan in 2004, and from the Georgetown University (USA, Washington) in 2008 with the master's degree in public administration and economics.


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