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100 million chickens infected with avian flu in Iran

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Some 100 million egg-laying hens have been infected with the deadly avian flu in Iran.

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So far 1.20 trillion rials ($27.75 million) have been paid to chicken farmers over their losses, the deputy head at the Agricultural Crops Insurance Fund said.

Speaking to Mehr News Agency, Ebrahim Hassan-Nejad added that the amount pertains to units that suffered losses due to the outbreak prior to the Iranian month of Mehr (started September 23) and the money for units affected after Mehr has not been paid yet.

According to Hassan-Nejad, plans have been made to pay a further 800 billion rials ($18.50 million) in compensation to chicken farmers.

He added that First Vice President Es'haq Jahangiri has promised that chicken farmers’ loss be paid in cash at most within the next two weeks.

> Broiler Chickens Unharmed by Avian Flu

While egg-laying hens have been infected by the virus, broiler chickens are not affected, the head of Broiler Breeders Union said.

“Broiler chickens are different from egg-laying ones in that they are sent to slaughterhouses within 50 days from hatching, but egg-laying hens live at least for 80 weeks and are bred for 36 months. Egg-laying chickens have weaker bodies because they lay eggs continuously and are prone to diseases,” Mohammad Yousefi was also quoted as saying by ILNA on Friday.

Commenting on broiler chicken prices, he noted that broiler chicken meat is offered at 47,000 rials ($1.08) in chicken farms, at 64,000 rials ($1.4) in slaughterhouses and at 67,500 rials ($1.5) in the market, which indicates a slight decrease from the 70,000 rials ($1.6) prior to the outbreak.

Iranian poultry farms are hit by avian flu every year around this time.

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