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Brazil restricts access to poultry plants

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All visits by clients and suppliers, Brazilian or foreigners, to producing and exporting poultry and egg plants are suspended for 30 days, according to reported the Brazilian Association of Animal Protein (ABPA).

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Although there haven’t been any outbreaks in Brazil, in the last three months several cases have been reported in 33 countries, including Chile last week.

According to ABPA’s president, Francisco Turra, companies are committed to the measures.

“We are strengthening our biosafety protocol, making personnel and products access even more restrictive within the production chain, with total control, including the companies’ staff.

“We are the only largest global producing and exporting country that has never registered an outbreak of the disease and this is what we aim to sustain with this measure,” said Turra in a statement.

Visits by foreigners coming from countries that reported outbreaks of the disease were already prohibited. From countries with no outbreaks, 72-hour quarantine was required.

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