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EU imported 93 million tonnes of food worth 101 billion euros in 2016

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In 2016, the European Union imported nearly 93 million tonnes of food from third countries worth 101 billion euros, according to data published by the European Statistics Office (Eurostat).

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Compared to 2012, food imports grew by 6% in terms of volume and 18% in terms of value.

At the same time, the European Union exported 91 million tonnes of food worth 84 billion euros. Compared to 2012, food exports increased by 42% in volume and 20% in value.

In terms of value, the Netherlands is the largest exporter of food to non-EU countries.

Last year, the Netherlands exported food worth 13 billion euros to non-EU countries, representing 16% of the EU's total food exports to third countries.

The largest food exporters to non-EU countries last year were the Netherlands, Germany and France (each with 11 billion Euro; 11% of all EU food exports to third countries), followed by Italy and Spain (each accounting for about 8 billion Euro; 9% of all EU food exports to non-EU destinations).

The main destination for these exports was the U.S. In 2016, EU Member States shipped eight billion Euro worth of food to the United States.

Other major destinations were China (7.5 billion euros), Switzerland (5.6 billion euros), Japan and Saudi Arabia (3.8 billion each).

EU food imports from countries outside the EU bloc came mainly from Brazil (9 billion), the U.S. (7 billion), Norway (6.8 billion), Argentina (5.4 billion) euro), China (4.8 billion) and Turkey (4.5 billion Euro).

As far as fruit and vegetables are concerned, last year, EU countries imported products worth nearly 30 billion Euro.

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