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Ukraine exports 50 times more mushrooms

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According to the National Mushroom Agency UMDIS, Ukraine's export of fresh mushrooms multiplied by 50, but they are still insufficient compared to their production.

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"During the first 9 months of 2017 Ukraine exported 279 tons of fresh mushrooms, i.e. 50 times more compared than the 5 tons it exported in the same period last year. During 2016, Ukraine exported 40 tons of mushrooms. Exports accounted for approximately 1% of the country's mushroom production.

As noted, the country's exports are not very diverse. 79% of the mushrooms (220 tons) have been exported to Moldova, and 20% (56 tons) to Belarus.

The remaining 1% was exported to other countries. Only one shipment each has been made to Romania, Israel, and Kuwait.

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