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A sculpture or a radiator, it's hard to say

Martha Taylor-Brown |
Radiators are no longer just a functional piece in your home, they can also be stunningly designed to be a design statement.

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These unusual Milano radiators from Tubes Radiatori are as vibrant as the Italian city. A free standing sculptural radiator will give you a new and different perspective on home heating. The Milano has a special supportive base that makes it suitable for installation anywhere to provide solutions to your design desires and practical needs. Made of steel, the radiator is finished with a flawless painted surface to fits well with any contemporary interior.

Senia Group has something really ingenious: a mirror that's in fact a radiator. The company from England has a radiator made of steel and mirror that will fit in any room and works as a hot water radiator fro central heating and as an electric radiator. Valves are integrated so nothing that resembles a radiator is visible. This is a great solution because you don't have to think will the radiator fits your design, how big or where it should be, you just get one of these and you may have a stealth radiator in every room.

The Kangeri Nomadic Radiator is something different: it is meant to take it with you to warm up spaces where you are. The main bulbous body of Kangeri Nomadic Radiator is made from powder coated aluminum in either black or white with an integrated oak wood handle. A power cord extends out from the base of the unit, which is held off the ground by three easy to maneuver wheels. The shape of the aluminum body and the oak wood handle add a sophisticated aesthetic to Kangeri Nomadic Radiator that makes it visually exciting to see in a room. This mobile radiator is a sculpture that heats.

And now something for the kids that's useful and fun! The Play home radiator by Jaga is the must have for the children’s room. Available in a range of playful color combinations and executed in durable paint finishes, these kids’ home radiators can handle horseplay and will look great for years to come. These home radiators are eco friendly, featuring Jaga’s LowH2O low mass, low water content technology, which means they have just one tenth the weight and water content of standard radiators.

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