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Unusual contemporary table lamps

Martha Taylor-Brown |
Sometimes just one piece makes the difference between a 'Nice...' and 'Beautiful!' interior. More often than not, that piece is a table lamp. And if it is about the true work of art, the results can be spectacular.

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href="" rel="lightbox">It's not hard to see how the Hanoi lamp, designed by Federico Churba, got its name: its "hat" of Vietnamese style transforms effortlessly into two-piece stand, bringing together modern function and Asian tranquility. This is one of the best examples of mixing traditional design principles with traditional art that has a strong base in sculptural ideas. Hanoi is made of metal, with a matte white painted finish. Since is provides diffused light, this lamp will fit nicely any space: from modern offices to bedrooms to living rooms.

LiliLite is a very, very interesting product: it is a reading light, a bookshelf and a bookmark ingeniously combined into one product. Its designer, Thijs Smeets, most probably experienced a stroke of a divine inspiration because this is one of the best examples what design should be: not form that follows function, not the function that follow the form, but both of them hand in hand for a perfect experience. LiliLite uses plywood and energy efficient LED lighting so it will be welcomed by all eco-enthusiasts.

LED lamp by Umberto Asnago, named Loop, has the base in satin nickel metal and structure covered in leather. The finish can be leather natural color or two-tone, white, black, natural, dark brown, beige, taupe, ivory. All those materials were chosen very wisely because you can imagine Loop being a futuristic piece, an ultra-modern lamp, or a design statement inspired by a sculpture. It may look like a space ship, but it goes very well with traditional spaces, so don't be afraid to try it in a traditional or even a bit rustic room.

An exquisite combination of rubber and metal, the Hatha Light by QisDesign is an LED table lamp that bends as human body. With a flexible spine embedded in the rubber lamp body, Hatha allows users to adjust it freely at different angle and height to meet various needs and to fulfill the need of various spaces. Using high power LEDs and lens design, the Hatha Light delivers sufficient brightness for reading use and reach high light efficiency. QisDesign was awarded with the most prestigious design awards and Hatha clearly shows why.

John Procario took his love for sculpture and brought it into the world of design. Precariousness, harmony, balance, stress, and fluidity are some of the words he uses to describe his aesthetic. His furniture and lamps are made up of bent wood in such a way that no two are the same. His Freeform lamp follows organic shapes, with the light that follows the wood through the space creating the game between the light and the shadow, a game that's never boring. Always interesting to look at, Freeform is not just a table lamp, it's a sculpture brought to life.

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