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Baccarat, crystal for French kings since 1764. And for you

Martha Taylor-Brown |
It takes 15 years to master the art of crystal making if you want to work for Baccarat, the company that supplied French kings. That speaks volumes.

Baccarat Harcourt 1841 is an iconic glass and one of the symbols of French power, kings and queens, lavish parties and France in all its glory. From Napoleon III to its contemporary use in the Palais de l’Élysée the Harcourt 1841 glass is characterized by its architectural form. It features a stunning shape from the flat cut pattern of the bowl to the beveled geometry of the stem down to the hexagonal foot. Its craftsmanship is apparent from every angle of its regal and graceful form.

You can be modern to the bone and still enjoy superb Baccarat crystal. If you want to surprise your dear friends with something that's modern and that will stand the test of time and taste, Vega Flutissimo is the set to give. An explosion of colours and joy is suitable for Champagne or cocktails or any other happy drink you will put in it. It will be welcome equally well during The Queen's reception as well as on the roofs of New York during some of the City's famous parties.

A selection of 6 iconic glasses from the House of Baccarat is something very interesting. There is a glass for every soul and each and every one is superb. You may serve your drinks in a glass that matches your friends' personalities or use them yourself depending on the mood from day to day. Whatever your personality there is a glass. This box contains 6 glasses: Harcourt Eve, Diamant Eve, Château Baccarat, Massena, Vega and Mille Nuits. This is must have in your crystal collection.

And then there is the Massena glass. This is The Glass. With is unmistakably recognizable shape, deep bevel cuts are etched directly into the Clear crystal, irradiating from the foot of the glass to the base of the narrow bowl. This, in turn, puts the flute’s smooth upper half in sharp relief. The intricate detailing gives the Massena glass the appearance of impressive heft. The polished silhouette and prismatic qualities make it worthy of any festive occasion.

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