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Christofle of Paris, flatware for kings

Martha Taylor-Brown |
Rare are the things you may describe as 'I don't care how much! I want it!' Christofle flatware is one of them.

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a href="" rel="lightbox"> Designed for informal dining moments, MOOD Party by Christofle is a set featuring cutlery for 6 people for life's sweet and savory moments. The set includes 6 butter knives, 6 small spoons, 6 appetizer/dessert forks, 6 silver-plated cocktail picks, and one storage capsule. The egg-shaped storage capsule is made of a mirror-polished steel with a walnut base interior. MOOD Party by Christofle, with its avant-garde vision of convenience invites itself to all tables as a promise of sharing and memories.

With Concorde, Christofle proposes a new case with urban lines associated to an original pattern of flatware. Design inspired by the oblong shape of the Parisian “Place de la Concorde”, Concorde combines the beauty with daily use, elegance with relaxation, pure with ornamentation. Concorde stainless steel 24-piece set contains dining essentials for 6 people including 6 table forks, 6 dinner knives, 6 table spoons, and 6 coffee spoons. A mirror polished stainless steel case with a white oak wood interior disk stores the cutlery. Beauty.

Christofle Perles is a very simplistic faltware set but that's an illusion: it is in fact timeless. The alignment of beads in halfrelief is typical of Louis XVI ornamentation. This classic and feminine design outlines the contours of the flatware like a pearl necklace. A 48 piece silver-plated flatware set in the Perles pattern includes service for 12 guests and contains 12 dinner forks, 12 dinner knives, 12 tablespoon, 12 after dinner teaspoons. Everything you may need in a fantastic design.

The Jardin d'Eden cutlery collection was created in 2010 by Marcel Wanders Studio. It broke away from the Maison’s normal design codes and instantly became a highly coveted flatware collection that has extended to other universes over the years. As the name suggests, it was made for a fantastic experience with your family and friends around the table. And if a real king happens to visit you, you will serve your food in all its glory and with pride.

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