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Crazy, brave, mysterious Tres Tintas wallpapers

Martha Taylor-Brown |
From the city of Barcelona Tres Tintas brought spectacular wallpaper designs to all who love something beautiful and unexpected.

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Following, most probably, unconsicously the path that Ildefons Cerdà revolutionary set in the city construction, Tres Tintas went their own way, so different that others, yet so captivating and unexpectedly refined. A family business for decades managed to surprise us with every wallpaper design they bring from international designers. Take, for example, Worn Wood from the Curious collection. A simple idea but so beautifully executed, it brings the nature into your room in an unmistakably Tres Tintas way.

Perspective Manoir is something for what you will say "That's crazy!" and after that "I love it!" This may be the last image caught of a magnificent inner facade. The walls and floor almost caved in when shooting this photograph. The true to size windows offer light and a view where there was previously just a plain wall. Just imagine stepping into a room with Perspective Manoir. There's no doubt you would stand there for a while and admire the imagination that give a totally new look to that part of the house.

If you like mechanics and all its intricacies, Steampunk Mechanics is for you. It doesn't matter is your whole design old or modern, this will fit into your room just like that. It is bold and brave, but executed in such a way that's subtle but with a strong message and focal points. And indeed, there are focal points everywhere and you may be sure your room won't be boring anymore. You wil discover new details and patterns everywhere you look and the chance is this will become the most interesting wall in your house.

And then there is a stroke of pure genius, Bleached Baroque. Hang this mural in your house and you might find traces of these voices on your walls, as it instantly adds mystery, depth, and character to any space. This work is calling you to look and imagine all stories, events, people, ideas, and lives that might live in it. It looks like a simple picture but again the execution is what differs it from a simple picture. Bleached Baroque is a huge wall of art in your home. One of the best works Tres Tintas has to offer.

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