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Four pieces for tropical feel around your house

Martha Taylor-Brown |
The summer is upon us with all its heat and if you are not lucky enough to escape to a tropical paradise we can bring a tropical look to your homes with four easy pieces.

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Pattern prints are great and tropical prints even more so. From throw pillows to bedroom walls, having a tropical print creates a summery feel that will work well all year round not just in the warmer months. Pair a nice print with shades that complement the wallpaper yet bring a subtle feel. Using a tropical print in your home is quite easy. The key is designing with the bold print in an area that needs a brightening effect, such as a quiet corner. Doing so will bring a pop of color and pattern diversity.

Another nice detail for your interior that can bring a touch of a tropical paradise is a collection of cocktail glasses. Bringing the cool taste of the tropics to every cocktail served in the Tropical Drink Glasses by Williams Sonoma is easiest it can be. This gorgeous collection of barware features hand-blown green glass wrapped in hand-woven sea grass sleeves for an authentic beach-side vibe. All you need now is a slice of lime, a drink umbrella and someone to clink glasses with.

Summer wouldn't be summer without dreaming outside, feeling a nice breeze around you. Summer dreaming is easy with luxury outdoor daybeds by Lifeshop Collection. The unique, woven creations have a chilled-out Asian appeal that makes them the perfect place to get away to. Read a book, meditate, catch a short sleep or simply daydream in your very own daybed from a tropical paradise. Making a cozy corner focus in your garden, these rounded designs will keep you as comfy as a pea in pod.

Summer wouldn't be summer without a nice outdoor shower, too. And that's where Waimea outdoor shower come into the game. Resembling a stick of bamboo, the Waimea shower is in fact made from cleverly styled teak wood and stainless steel. The generously sized showerhead is designed to give the fresh sensation of a warm tropical rainstorm. Out of the ordinary styling makes the Waimea outdoor shower from Honeymoon a piece of art for your garden.

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