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Kitchen island banquette, a cozy retreat

Martha Taylor-Brown |
A banquette goes far beyond just its function. It can turn your kitchen space into a fashionable space you will enjoy every day.

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An excellent idea: Instead of usual combination of chairs next to your kitchen island, put a bench into the back of the island. You will get an unusual but very functional addition to your kitchen which is in many cases better than chairs. It will give you a better circulation path and improved flow throughout the cramped quarters and you will combine a kitchen and a dining room into one space while preserving the space. Just take a bench that fit into the kitchen design and you're done.

Chairs and sofas are upholstered but a part of the sitting area? Yes, that can work too. The tall upholstered back on a breakfast banquette creates a striking focal point to an otherwise usual kitchen. You can get creative here and choose patterns and colors you like, it may follow your overy kitchen design but that's not obligatory, a totally different design will create an interesting focal point. It's good for your back, it's good for design, and it's easy to make. Just make it large and you will be surprised how good it looks.

To better use space in your kitchen you can make the custom wood storage space beneath a banquette as a nice addition. Let it be painted to match those coloes in the kitchen and you will have a nice extension that will connect your kitchen and the rest of the room. Choose some furniture that matches what you already have in your kitchen and break the monotony with some nice additions like colorful cusions, big and small.

A very simple idea to make your kitchen more interesting is to put that empty window space in use. A bay window bench breathes new life into your kitchen thanks to the clever coupling of a modern tulip table with rustic wooden chairs and inexpensive pillows. Just a few simple chairs in front of it will make it a natural extension of your kitchen and when you are not eating there you may use the space for some quality time with your book. Or you can simply just enjoy the nature outside with some snacks and drinks near you.

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