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Linking London with love

Martha Taylor-Brown |
If you are in quest for a gift for your loved one, be sure to check Links of London. Their jewels are passionate and unique.

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Being from Croatia, the homeland of tie, my love for that decoration is probably genetically built-in. So, I was pleased to see that Links of London presented their luxury tie collection. The silk comes from Italy, and since we are talking about Links of London you may assume that it is of highest quality.

That piece of wardrobe that is obligatory for any man that cares about style is available in wide range of colours and motifs. Links of London must add something unexpected to everything they do, and those ties aren't the exception. They have a 3-fold construction which mean they don't twist, and label is woven into fabric so you know that you bought a real thing.

Links of London are not hundreds of years old, but they follow the rich tradition of British manufacturers. The company was born in 1990 when the pair of fish cufflinks was ordered. Obviously the job was well done, Harvey Nichols of London ordered a whole collection, and there was no going back. Today Links of London has stores in the USA, United Kingdom, Canada and Hong Kong. That must mean that they do something special and that's true. I will borrow some of their words: "We like to hint at our sense of British eccentricity and humour in all that we do."

But, humour is nothing without great eye and sense for design. Fortunately, the people of Links of London have it all (as one half of Histerius design, I must admit that I'm a little bit jealous when I see their work). One thing that sets them apart is their attention to detail. Every piece must can be wrapped, boxed, ribboned or decorated in some other way. Thus, the sole process of unpacking is exciting and full of expectations.

Second, at Links of London they try to insert something unexpected so there is always a story, not just a piece of gold or silver. When talking about materials, we may just say that silver is 925 and gold 750. There's no need to explain that further, as there's no need to say that Corvette is a fantastic car. However, I must add that Links of London don't use conflict diamonds, so they give their share to make this planet a more pleasant place for living.

Links of London has collection for men, women, babies and children, and they also offer watches and giftware. Contrary to some other jewel designers that are equal to, say, gods from heaven, the good people of Links of London will allow you to play with their masterpieces. You may personalize gift with engraving and get a truly unique piece. Initials, date, or a romantic massage can also find its place on a, say, bracelet. As you choose a gift with love, Links of London will wrap it with love and make you present even more beautiful. And, of course, they will deliver anywhere in the world. If you are in quest for a gift for your loved one, be sure to check Links of London; their jewels are passionate, unique and true sign of love.

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