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Montegrappa, ne plus ultra of writing instruments

Martha Taylor-Brown |
Rare are the things that clearly show that you came where you wanted to come and that now it's the time to enjoy it. Montegrappa pieces of art are certainly ne plus ultra of writing instruments.

Montegrappa's tribute to the one of history’s great masterpieces, Venus De Milo, uses Italian bronze and marble to recreate an object representing the pinnacle of human artistry and curiosity. A special moulding technique uses ultra-fine marble flour to replicate one of the world’s best-loved treasures in high-resolution detail. Baroque and Greek ornamentations evoke the spectacular setting of her opulent Louvre salon.

The ultra-flexible nib of the Montegrappa Nazionale Flex enables writers to achieve more with less – relying on variances in hand pressure to bring verve and expression to writing. Besides a modern writing system and the use of resin in place of ebonite, this faithful reissue recaptures the dimensions and feeling of the Nazionale, a pen made for burgeoning export markets by ELMO, the brand that would later go on to become Montegrappa.

Montegrappa atelier artist, Alessandra Malesan, draws on a long career restoring many of Europe’s most valuable artworks. Her work on the Raffaello collection marks the first instance that micro-brushwork has featured on a limited edition release. Intricate hand-painted miniatures honour the breathtaking genius of Raphael, master of the High Renaissance. Five of the artist’s most recognised works have been painstakingly recreated and framed by a geometric sheath inspired by his School of Athens fresco.

With more than five thousand years of history, the Caduceus is among the most revered symbols in Western culture. Its adoption in medicine may have been a result of mistaken identity, but its authority remains undisputed. Featuring an intricate clip of brilliant palladium, Caduceus is prescribed for members of the medical and pharmaceutical professions. This a true tribute to true heroes and a timeless piece that will live forever.

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