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Missoni's colors of love

December 4, 2007
It seems that Missoni see and understands colors in different way than the rest of us. Without love that wouldn't be possible.

The most beautiful OLED TV in the world

December 3, 2007
We've been waiting and waiting and now when Sony XEL-1 is here it's hard to write something without superlatives. But I'll try...

Hi-tech gold from Danish hands

November 27, 2007
The word mega-yacht now has new dimension and more exclusivity, thanks to Danish hi-tech company Lantic.

Dragons for prosperity, happiness and peace

November 18, 2007
Hand-painted decorative dividers can act as beautiful pieces of art and turn your home into warm and peaceful place.

What Burj Al Arab, The Waldorf Astoria and The Ritz of London have in common?

November 13, 2007
Celebrities? Yes. Rich history? Yes. Smell of money? Yes. But those are the obvious answers. We are thinking about carpets from Ireland.

Song of a nightingale

November 5, 2007
It is a nice gift, beautiful decoration and it plays pleasant music that everybody like.

Swedish wood meets computer

November 3, 2007
Swedish company proves that natural material as wood can find its place in a high-tech environment.

Bontempi for vivid autumn

October 25, 2007
Today, when weather in Europe is cold and rainy, we introduce you a soft, comfortable and good looking sofas that can bring you good mood in gray autumn time.

I though that I shall never see a door lovely as a tree

October 8, 2007
When you have something nice the chance is you want to show it. Contrary to that, there is a class of people that doesn\'t show their wealth.

From wax drum to $150,000 LP player

September 18, 2007
IPod, iPhone, MP3 players... Soon, we can expect to see players for players. Do you still remember old-fashioned LP record players? Youngsters among you are probably just heard of that piece of technology, while older generation will nostalgically remember how much fun old turntable provided to them. For both, the story about new LP player. First, a history of vinyl. Stay tuned.

Don't let postman ring twice

September 8, 2007
Do you ever really wonder why men tends to be chefs? Maybe because some of them are really aware of the fact that love comes easier through the stomach.

The clouds over red design

August 23, 2007
When Lenovo bought the IBM PC division there were some surprised souls. After all, the saying was, IBM was ten times larger than Chinese company. With gratitude from all us ThinkPad lovers, the leaders of Lenovo prove that they know their job. Lenovo group is world third PC maker, improving business in all market segments year by year.
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