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Puustelli kitchens, the art of Scandinavian furniture

Martha Taylor Brown |
Finnish Puustelli kitchens are stylish, lasting and modern.

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Puustelli White Birch Kitchen is large and light, and it is conveniently divided by an island, extended by a dining counter with a thick colorless glass top. Everyday tableware can be handily stored on the kitchen side, from where it’s within easy reach. The white kitchen doors are birch and the counters oiled oak. This is an exemplary example of Scandinavian design with added warmth and a slight deflection from the pure white design.

An open-plan kitchen doesn’t need an island, although it is a feature that came from the U.S. as a very useful one. But functionality and ergonomics are excellent in Puustelli Green Birch Kitchen with sufficient storage space and food preparation area without an island. It’s great to gather round your own familiar dining table. The kitchen doors are in special veneer and colors were chosen flawlessly to complement and shapes. This design will last for many years without going out of style.

Puustelli Modern Family Kitchen is exactly that: it's modern and it's made for the family. Easy-care furniture, ample cold storage space and energy-efficient home appliances are some of things that everyone has on their wishlist. Particular attention was paid to safe working in the kitchen. The design could find its place in a musem of modern art and it complements functionality perfectly. If you need a big kitchen and an art statement, you shoul think about this kitchen.

Puustelli Spacious Family Kitchen features a multipurpose closet that, if required, it can become a breakfast cabinet. Wood is present, as it should be in this kind of design, and a black island and details make a contrast statement that transforms a kitchen into a great kitchen. With ample of storage space it is ideal for a large family, but if your family is small have no worries, there is always a space that you need, so it won't be too big.

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