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Simple ways to incorporate pattern into any home

Martha Taylor-Brown |
Patterns can be a nightmare when it comes to interior design. But when done correctly patterns can help modernize your home.

Patterned upholstery is an easy way to add patterns into your home without too many complications. Take an old armchair or two that are worn and tarnished and give them new purpose by changing their upholstery. Doing so is an excellent way to upgrade an old favorite chair. You will enhanced the entire look of a room. Just a few pieces will be enough, don't go too far or you'll end up with a headache and a room full of stripes.

Pillows are another natural way to add patterns very easy and inexpensively. Throw pillows are the easiest and best items to personalize your home. You have the ability to interchange them as many times as you please. Therefore, adding a few patterned ones will give the room an easy pop of color without the serious commitment. Interchange your throw pillows depending on the season to create an atmosphere you will love every time. It costs you almost nothing and it will change your room every time.

Carpets are a good way to add patterns but not in a way you most probably think. Instead of the floor think about your stairs. Carpet is an excellent way to add a creative aspect in a home. If having a patterned carpet on the entire floor seems a bit much, consider having a rug instead or carpeting your stairs instead. Another great way you can do that is by purchasing carpet tiles that are extremely easy to cut and integrate it into your décor.

Don't forget that patterns can be placed outdoors as well. Consider having an outdoor accent wall. Having an outdoor accent wall will bring together your indoor and outdoor space seamlessly. It creates a cozy feel from the inside out. Consider adding your natural elements around your accent wall for a sense of freshness all around. You will connect your home with the space around and it will look interesting all around. You may follow the design from your interior or go with completely different patterns, it doesn't matter as long as you like it.

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